We understand that no two clients or projects are alike. Each client comes with a unique set of needs and preferences, so the landscape solutions we propose are crafted to meet those particular requirements. Our approach makes us a “Trusted Advisor” for all our clients.


When we’re working with medical facilities, we understand that an attractive landscape is an essential part of the mission. A manicured outdoor space can help heal and inspire, so we’ll go above and beyond to create that experience.


When it comes to our industrial clients, practicality and functionality are top of mind, while producing a neat and well-managed landscape.


When working within apartment and senior living communities, we understand that our work impacts the day-to-day of a large number of residents, including their safety, mobility and enjoyment of the property. We also recognize the significant role landscaping plays in attracting new residents to the community.


A well-maintained commercial property will create a pleasant work environment for employees—enhancing productivity, attracting new tenants and adding perceived value to the surrounding community.

Planned Communities

One of the main reasons why new homeowners choose to live in a planned community is the meticulously maintained grounds and manicured landscape. Signature’s high standards keep homeowners satisfied and your property values up!

Religious Facilities

Communities gravitate to spiritual centers to find peace and meaning in their lives. The treatment of landscape on these properties should reflect that. We design and maintain landscaping to create an immersive experience for community members to practice their religion.


Well-kept outdoor areas will attract new customers, increase occupancy and maintain a positive work environment.